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Environmental Considerations

Spot On Electrical Service endeavour to address environmental issues in order to protect environmentally sensitive areas in a manner that is economically viable while still meeting the expectations of the community.

Spot On Electrical Service have undertaken a Green Electricians Program to unable us to advise customers how to design and install Energy Efficient installations to reduce Greenhouse emissions.

The program makes contractors aware and gives us the tools necessary to make the most energy efficient installations possible for our customers.

The intended outcome is to enable our customers to reduce their carbon footprint helping to reduce the effect of Global Warming.
Our purchasing Department sources energy efficient lighting products and consumables wherever possible. With regards to refrigerant gases, we have recovery equipment, systems and procedures in place to eliminate the harmful effects of releasing refrigerants into the atmosphere.

Spot On Electrical holds a Refrigerant Trading Licence Number AU13552.

All of our licensed installers use the Vortex AC Refrigerant recovery machine to recover refrigerants from units being decommissioned for recovery.

All waste products are deposited into industrial waste bins and facilities and recycling bins. All dangerous waste products eg: Asbestos are handled by our Environmental Work Procedures and Safe Work Practices as detailed in our WH&S Manual which is available upon request.